Shimano Yasei Trigger Twitch Perch SP/12cm/16g

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Lure type: suspending
Diving depth: 0m-2m
Versatile twitch bait lure offering wide ranging options
Nervous darting action replicates a wounded or nervous bait fish
Excellent in clear water especially around fish-holding structure
High quality BKK hooks

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The Yasei Trigger Twitch is a twitch bait lure designed for anglers who like to fish with an active approach. When worked with different twitch techniques it produces a darting action that resembles a wounded or nervous fish. Available in three options - Sinking (S), Suspending (SP) and Deep Running Suspending (D-SP), the Yasei Trigger Twitch range offers excellent versatility.

If you are an angler who likes to really work your lures you are going to be instantly drawn to the Yasei Trigger Twitch. This versatile twitch bait really comes into its own when fishing in clear water, especially in shallow areas around fish-holding features. Depending on which option you select, you can work these lures from just under the surface down to 3m, giving you fantastic water coverage. With excellent balance and specially tuned front lips you can use a wide range of twitch techniques from fast to slow, with short or long pauses. Each twitch fires the lures into action with a nervous darting action that imitates a wounded or confused bait fish, whilst the pause enables the lure to retain its balance and is often the time when predators will hit the lure with extreme speed and force.

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