Westin RoundUp HD Jighead #6/0 /15g/3pcs

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SKU T07-0150-060

Material: Lead
Hook: Mustad® 32629
Ball Head
Flat neck for better fit
Extra eyelet in the bottom for stinger attachment
Keeper system - great grip and less damage
Moulded weight and logo
Natural colour

Westin RoundUp HD Jigheads, the ultimate game-changer for serious anglers seeking precision and durability. Crafted from premium lead, these jigheads feature the robust Mustad® 32629 hooks, designed to withstand the toughest battles. The ball head design ensures a smooth glide through the water, while the flat neck provides a superior fit to your chosen soft bait, reducing slippage and enhancing the lure's action. An additional eyelet at the bottom allows for easy stinger attachment, offering versatility in your rigging options. The innovative keeper system ensures your bait stays securely in place, offering great grip with minimal damage, prolonging the life of your lures. Each jighead is meticulously moulded with the precise weight and the iconic Westin logo, ensuring quality and consistency in every cast. Finished in a natural colour, these jigheads blend seamlessly into any aquatic environment, making them a must-have in your tackle box. Elevate your fishing experience with the Westin RoundUp HD Jigheads, where design meets functionality for unmatched performance.
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