Westin RoundUp LT Jighead #1/0 /5g/3pcs

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SKU T03-0050-010

Material: Lead
Hook: Mustad® 32627
Ball Head Elevated eyelet for stinger
Keeper system - great grip and less damage
Moulded weight and logo
Natural colour

Precision and performance with our Westin RoundUp LT Jigheads, your ultimate choice for an enhanced fishing experience. Crafted from high-density lead, these jigheads feature the renowned Mustad® 32627 hooks for unmatched sharpness and durability. Designed with a ball head for optimal underwater action, they also boast an elevated eyelet to easily attach your stinger, ensuring your bait stays secure during aggressive strikes. The innovative keeper system offers excellent grip while minimizing damage to your lures, extending their life. Each jighead is meticulously moulded to include the weight and Westin logo, guaranteeing authenticity and quality. Finished in a natural colour to seamlessly blend into various aquatic environments, these jigheads are the perfect addition to any angler's tackle box. Elevate your fishing game with Westin RoundUp LT Jigheads, where design meets functionality.
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