WFT KG 8.0 Green 0.16mm/22kg/150m

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SKU 1D-C 506-016

8-carrier superbraid braided from 8 coloured UHMPE filaments

Made in Japan


Because the threads are already coloured, the line only needs to be sealed after braiding. 8-carrier tight braiding, highest breaking strength, knot strength and abrasion resistance are a revolutionary combination of properties, which are raised to the highest level by the permanent coloring.
Since the 8-carrier braid is not covered with color as a whole, the WFT KG 8.0 feels like silk and is almost completely kink-resistant. The 8 coloured filaments are tightly braided but not glued! Therefore, their mechanical properties are fully effective.
WFT KG 8.0 glides almost noiselessly through the guides and guarantees widest and precisely placed casting.
Where the requirements for a fishing line are highest, the WFT KG 8.0 shows its strengths. Rivers such as the Rhine, the Elbe, the Danube, etc. with strong currents, obstacles and rocks masters the WFT KG 8.0 as well as the rocky seabed.
Thanks to its perfectly round profile, the WFT KG 8.0 lays cleanly on the reel, whether on spinning reels, baitcasters or multipliers.
Again, we raise the standard and offer the latest technology to provide the angler with the best line: The new WFT KG 8.0.

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