WFT KG Strong Green 0.39mm/67kg/250m

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A Complex Braid – the KG STRONG has been braided from 8 filaments and has been around way before others were introduced to this technology. Woven braid is the key to producing a truly round profile and when done correctly, creating a high knot strength.

The WFT KG STRONG is also extremely colourfast. High-quality colour pigments are embedded in a special coating. This technology reduces colour fade by the factor of 10 and prevents abrasion too.

Made in Japan


Without a doubt the WFT KG STRONG is one of the most successful WFT fishing lines. The technical development of this braided line started 15 years ago and has never stopped. The „kiloline“ is totally sophisticated and now demand from other countries is growing. More and more we hear success stories coming from around the world.

We have Dennis Verreet, possibly the best-known German who catches tuna from the shore! In July 2015, he landed a 230 lb yellowfin tuna, fishing from the rocks on land! This was a World Record and guess what line was he using? WFT 51KG STRONG of course!

Two major features make KG STRONG Dennis Verreet‘s #1 choice in line: tremendous abrasion resistance and the fact that a sufficient length of line fits onto his spinning reel!

We received reports from Malaysian GT-anglers. Since they started to use KG STRONG lines (with similar diameters to lines they had been using) they couldn‘t believe that after tough fights with big GTs they ended up with bent hooks and not broken lines!

These are only a couple of examples that motivate us to keep on improving our lines, in order to enhance your chances to land your fish of a lifetime.

The line of world champions!

For the 2015 season we have significantly improved the KG STRONG. The now even tighter braid is protected by a new coating for an even better protection against abrasion – a real advantage for deep sea fishing over rocky bottoms, reefs or in areas with many submerged obstacles.

No matter where in the world you fish – you can rely on the WFT KG STRONG. Whether you’re spinfishing, deep sea fishing in Norway, Big Game fishing... you name it, this product will not let you down!

Jakub Vagner uses WFT KG STRONG on all his worldwide fishing adventures which are featured and broadcasted in higly expensive NATIONAL  GEOGRAPHIC film productions. For all these multi-million dollar productions Jakub Vagner relies on WFT KG STRONG and has set several world records using this too!

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