Rapala X-Rap Scoop Peacock 14cm/68g

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Sinking, swimming depth 1.6m

Durable 2-Part Plastic with Internal Weight
S-Shaped Body with Convex/Concave Sides
Long-Gliding & Wide-Kicking
Large Predator Gamefish
VMC® Coastal Black™ Treble Hooks

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The hard-bodied X-Rap® Scoop glides horizontally as it descends through the water column towards its inevitable fate. Twitch it to send it darting from side-to-side, or wind it in at a slow/medium pace, feeling the wide-kicking action generated by its unusual shape. Flashy chrome finishes combine with realistic designs & textures to create a sensory overload that fish simply cannot resist. Fitted with VMC® Coastal Black™ hooks.

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