Rustika Slaider Punatäpp 11cm/50g

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Slow sink, fishing depth 0.5-2 meters

Rustika is a slider-type pike lure equipped with decent hooks.

The lure is made of strong epoxy resin and perfectly resists the sharp pike teeth.

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Rustika lure story started from the fishing trips of three good friends - passionate cooks and fishermen. We often went fishing together and prepared good and better food from the catch in the kitchen. In 2020, Jaanus gave Martin his first lure and a small lure making tool. A large number of different tricky items were already ready for spring, and testing could begin. Now that two years have passed since the first lures were made, we can proudly say that the Rustika lure will not let you down! The great trick has proven itself to countless people as part of our equipment and that of our good friends.
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